Mushroom Science in PPEM

Mushroom Science

In so many ways I feel honored to be in my current position. But the distinguished history of the Department is the foundation that moves me (I am a lover of history and respect tradition even as I embrace the modern).  The long and distinguished history of Mushroom Science in PPEM is one of many things the Department is proud of. It’s foundations is beautifully recorded in “History of the Department of Plant Pathology, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania 1956-1976” by James F. Tammen. If you are a lover of PSU and PPEM and have not taken the time to read this historical account, I recommend it.

Informed by the past we move forward into the future. Thus, my preparations for my for my talk for the 57th Annual Mushroom Short Course started with reading our departmental history.

~~~  57 YEARS ~~~     The course is older than I am (but just by a grey hair).

You can’t imagine how excited I am to see how I can use my research and planning skills to pitch in and help PPEM serve this industry.


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