Grateful for…

I have been a facebooker for a number of years thanks to Monique Shaw. She asked me to join and when I refused, defending my privacy, she said “Would you please google yourself?” Privacy Shmivacy.

During the last government shut down (I was a government employee), I wrote a list of 1o things I was grateful for each and every day. This kept me from complaining about the blight of the shutdown.  I have kept it up periodically since then and have continued to benefit from concentrating on my full glass. Gratitude is the most important word in my  book of tricks. It helps me get up in the morning and share what I have with the rest of the world.

Today I am grateful for:

  1. A warm, dry, SAFE, and comfortable place to spend my evenings and sleep (During that shutdown I volunteered at a homeless shelter because I am a servant first. A safe place to sleep is always top on my list.).
  2. The most incredible and supportive life partner possible. JPH is the Ying to my Yang.
  3. A body that works and is healthy
  4. A mind that thinks and absorbs (we are in the absorbing mode just now)
  5. The chance to grow like a weed
  6. The amazing women of PPEM with whom I have spent most of my time these past 13 days. They have pampered me, patted me on the back, supported me, provided me with just the information I needed, and gently pointed me in the right direction…. Diane, Sandy, Deb, Christina, Carol, and Roxanne. ABSOLUTELY grateful for your patience.
  7. Graduate students and staff that are willing to share a bit about themselves with me (my new mentors)
  8. PPEM breakfast potlucks are the best idea ever, even if I need to spin for 3 hours tomorrow because of it
  9. Faculty to work with who teach two of the ten “most interesting courses” at Penn State
  10. Cousins coming to chaperon me to my first Penn State Tailgate and football game.
  11.  I need eleven today, because I am again grateful for mushrooms and those that give out mushroom tats at mushroom festivals.IMG_0032

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