New Year’s Resolutions

September 27, 2015   From the Bull Penn

Come January first, regret for a season of gluttony often takes over the American psyche. Droves of people join gyms and start diets. But I have never been one for making resolutions on the first of the year. The damage is done by then.

This is the time of year when I formulate my resolutions. During the weeks leading up to October 1st, I decide what kind of physical shape I want to be in on January 1. And then during the last quarter of the year, I push myself physically to meet that resolution for the new year. I work to stay committed as the bags of Halloween candy, Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, winter holiday parties, BIRTHDAYS, and New Years Eve indulgences roll on by. Waist or waste?

Taking care of our bodies and souls is the first thing we each need to do for our families and careers. Our ability to care for others and our aspirations shrinks if we let ourselves fall apart. Sometimes we feel selfish for taking even more time away from our families or work to get some exercise. And yet when we take care of ourselves, our families and colleagues don’t have to take care of us and we have more to give to them.

The Dean has asked the department heads to develop a set of annual goals for ourselves. I am formulating them now and will share these with him in October. Add to that the beginning of the semester/academic year and it is clear that fall resolutions will come in many forms from now on.

I hope in this coming season of treats, we will encourage each other to be healthier on January 1 than we are today. Let me know when you are ready to trade in brown bag lunches for hikes around campus.




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