November 9, 2015

Last week I had the pleasure of having lunch with Dr. Fred Gildow. Most of you know that Dr. Gildow is a renowned virologist and was Department Head of PPEM from 2009-2014. Lunch was wonderful because Fred and I have many interests in common (canoeing and hiking), we share an alma mater (Ohio University), and we share fortunate interactions with Sam Smith (another former Department Head).

I have been trying to meet with the former heads and emeritus faculty because like Fred they know this department well. The rich history and prestige that comes with being a member of PPEM comes from their work. I am grateful to those whose laurels we are now building on. What is clear to me now is that leadership throughout the history of our department is what made the difference. It is likely that without Dr. Gildow’s leadership, PPEM might not exist today. He led the department through some of the most difficult times it ever faced.

So here we are on the other side of those difficult times. We are growing and thinking about how to get the most from our new initiatives. It seems right to take a moment to just be grateful for the leadership of the past.  I have gratitude for Fred Gildow and others who have done the heavy lifting of the past to get us where we are today. Our future would not look so rose colored if we weren’t standing on your shoulders.

May your week be filled with gratitude.



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