Taking a walk through Buckhout

It is Saturday or Sunday and here comes the Department Head walking the halls of Buckhout Lab in her weekend attire, much like those purported ghosts. Anyone wondering what I am doing? I learned years ago that I could concentrate for longer hours on a project if I gave myself periodic breaks. Taking a walk outside is my preference, but walking up to the fourth floor and down to the basement allows me to say hello and perhaps have a conversation with the other weekend Buckhoutians.

Apparently, taking a break from work is beneficial for studying too. Science Friday has an excellent episode that explains why taking a break helps you study and concentrate. The tips from the show are helpful for moving information from short-term to long-term memory. They make a clear distinction between checking your twitter feed or watching a movie and really working. My take home messages from the experts on the show were: play to learn, take a break, and exercise is good for both brain and body. There are several gyms in the area offering free classes or passes if you want to try to boost your brain power there. Let me know if you want help finding them.

Maybe I will see you on one of my evening or weekend walks?



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