Know how to contact your representative?

There are plenty of reasons why Pennsylvanians might want to speak or write to their elected officials these days. I have heard talk that they need a little guidance getting their work done?

  • You might be a Penn State Alumnus and are concerned about the real impact the budget stalemate is having on your alma mater.
  • You might be concerned about the #1 industry in the state, Agriculture, and realize that the lack of a budget could result in the dismantling of one of the finest extension systems in the country and loose the state millions in Federal dollars.
  • You might just care about the ~ 1100 jobs that could be lost.
  • You might be worried about the real threat of avain flu this year and the impact that not funding our diagnostic lab is having.
  • You could be from one of the industries (real estate, banking, home inspectors, retail etc.) that are about to be indirectly impacted.
  • You might just realize the importance of education to our democracy.
  • Or you might be concerned 4H and Master Gardners.

If you feel like it is time that your representatives know what you think about the budget stalemate, contact them here.


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