Inspiration Is Contagious

I was deeply inspired this week by two members of PPEM as I watched them align their efforts with their personal missions. They clearly were experiencing the rush of being in spirit and I had the privilege of watching their excitement grow. Inspiration is contagious.

One of our graduate students shared their graduate educational goals with me. This student is headed down a unique path to a singular career in an area that most of us have not dabbled. The student has begun to create their own networks because we can contribute only our titles to help them gain entree. Their exploration of this new space from the platform of plant pathology has the potential of expanding of our understanding of our roles in global agricultural systems. Here my role is cheerleader, occasional strategist, and signatory and I will clearly enjoy cheering for their success.

Likewise, the faculty member who inspired me this week is exploring new partnerships to work toward their dreams. They have the expertise needed to do impactful work in this area. The time is right and they have chosen to provide substantial support for one of our graduate recruits by developing new networks and opportunities for both the student and themselves. This has rekindled their goal of doing significant and lasting good in the world. They are now preparing to make a bold move that will change the impact of their work and increase the stature of our department.

It was like music to my ears when the faculty member said, “This is what I really want to be doing.” At the end of the day, that is what I want for every single one of us, that we are doing that which we aspire to do. Show me that you are aligning your work with your personal mission and I will do what I can to support you. Show me that you are inspired and I will reflect that inspiration right back at you.

Here is to an inspired Spring Break!


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