Hot Off the Presses

After 20 years of being at research station with limited opportunity to attend seminars, I am reveling in the seminars in PPEM and beyond at PSU. By just attending our student seminars these past six months, I have learned more about about antibiotic resistance, diseases of a wide variety of crops (turf, banana, apple), and CRISPER breeding strategies. And this week I will learn about virus ecology. I am fortunate because I see the CVs from most members of the department and get to browse their recent publications. Moreover, our colleagues often let me know when they have had a paper accepted for publication or have given a lecture somewhere else. I am excited about what we are doing and our impacts and I hope you are too. However, your access and the access of our alumni and supporters to our great science is less immediate than mine.

I would like to change that. In order to highlight our published accomplishments, we are going to start a new segment titled Hot of the Presses on our webpage. Starting soon, we will post the citation and link to new papers published by members of the department (we will invite our adjunct faculty to contribute too). I Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.25.10 PMencourage everyone to read the papers posted there to understand the breadth and depth of our work. This should help us to better understand the skills and strengths of our team.

To get your manuscripts listed, please send the bibliographic information about your manuscript in standard AEM citation format and a link to the posted publication to Christina Dorsey and me. To start, please send us the citation for any 2016 publications (first look or otherwise). I anticipate we will all be enthusiastic to have our hot off the presses manuscripts highlighted by the department and read by our colleagues.

Keep those presses humming,

·       Isard, S. A., and Chamecki, M. 2016. A physically based theoretical model of spore deposition for predicting spread of plant diseases. Phytopathology 106:244-253. Isard and Chamecki, 2016
·       Zhao, K., Margaria, P., and Rosa, C. 2016. First Report of White clover mosaic virus and Turnip mosaic virus Mixed Infection on Garlic Mustard in Pennsylvania. Plant Dis. XX:XX. Zhao et al., 2016
·       Choudhary, C. E., Burgos-Garay, M. L., Moorman, G. W., and Hong, C. 2016. Pythium and Phytopythium species in two Pennsylvania greenhouse irrigation water tanks. Plant Dis. XX:XX.
·       McCluskey, K., (et al., including Bull, Fenstermacher, and Geiser). 2016. The U.S. Culture Collection Network lays the foundation for progress in preservation of valuable microbial resources. Phytopathology XX:XX. McCluskey et al., 2016
·       Newberry, E. A., Jardini, T. M., Rubio, I., Roberts, P. D., Babu, B., Koike, S. T., Bouzar, H., Goss, E. M., Jones, J. B., Bull, C. T., and Paret, M. L. 2016. Angular leaf spot of cucurbits is associated with genetically diverse Pseudomonas syringae strains. Plant Dis. XX:XX. Newberry et al., 2016


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