Recharging the Body and Soul

Last Friday morning I started a long and introspective article about leadership. It would have taken me some time to finish the article and I put it on hold. Instead Jean-Philippe Beach view 2and I made the 4.5-hour drive to the Delaware Coast where we are spending time walking on the beach and staring at the waves. We were starting to miss the sand and surf. After all we lived within walking or biking distance of the Monterey Bay for the past 20 years.

March 1 marked 6 months for me at PSU. We have made some interesting progress in this 6 months and I hope we are as productive in the next 6 months. But in order for me to remain as energetic and enthusiastic as I have been, I know I need to recharge and this weekend I hit reset.

Beach viewsConsidering the privilege and opportunity we have in serving the public as members of PPEM, all of us should be giving our peak performance. Some of you really are demonstrating this effort and your scholarship is paying off. However, if you work with this intensity week in and week out, taking time to recharge and refresh is essential to prevent burnout and to promote new ideas.

Work hard and play harder has always been my motto!




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