You Get What You Give

It is time for annual reviews for both faculty and staff. I see my role in reviews as a mirror to reflect back to you what you did last year or this year and help you evaluate how your work contributed to the Department, PSU, the world, and to your personal mission. Together we evaluate your relative contribution and strategize how to build the stature and impact of the department one person at a time. During these reviews you can count on me to urge you to not hold back and to give everything you have to achieve your goals. I agree with Oscar Hammerstein II when he said “There is a very real relationship, both quantitatively and qualitatively, between what you contribute and what you get out of this world.” I would love to see you getting the most you possibly can from this world.

Annual reports and reviews if done right provide the perfect opportunity for us to take stock of how we spend our precious days on this planet. You could look forward to annual reviews as the time when at least one other person cares as much about your work and career as you do. It is an excellent time to determine whether you are having your intended impact. Some of us have spent a great deal of time working to understand what our intended impact or personal mission is. Others know when they are headed in the right direction but have never articulated a personal mission. I find that having written personal mission allows me to use it to help me make decisions. I ask myself “Is this likely to help further my personal mission?” and when the answer is yes, I will make great effort. It was this question that made the choice to move to Pennsylvania and join PPEM relatively easy. I truly believe that I can more fully fulfill my personal mission here in this position. I was fulfilling some of that mission today. Were you? Thank you all for allowing me to help you achieve your goals.

Here is to learning something valuable from our annual reviews.


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