Dream Big

“You’re never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.” ~Richard Bach

Recently, a former student of mine reminded me that I had encouraged her to believe in her dreams. I apparently told her ’10 years are going to go by whether you want them to or not. At the end of those 10 years, you can either have a PhD or not.’ She didn’t get a PhD but will be receiving her law degree this month.

So, what will you do with the next 10 years? Will you use them to serve yourself? Sometimes we need to serve ourselves in order to have the knowledge and credibility to serve others. But what is it that really drives you? What are your dreams? Finding the answers to those questions and following your dreams can make all the difference.

There are times during the year that I ask myself the hard questions. How would you spend your time if you had:
~ One week to live?
~ One month to live?
~ One year to live?
~ Five years to live?
~ Ten years to live?
~ Twenty five years to live (now for me that is getting close to the average life expectancy for women in the US)?

The answers differ as we go from the shortest to the longest time, but swimming and dancing are in each response for me. But as my potential time on the planet lengthens my need for more than self gratification increases. These questions help me to focus in on my dreams and what I hope to accomplish over the course of my life.

Et tu? What are your dreams? Now that we have spent one academic year together are you closer to meeting your dreams than you were before? I hope that your work here in PPEM is helping your meet your goals and dreams.

Dreaming big,


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