A long way to go

Ck0RrMIWEAA_RRe VignuzziLab.jpg_large
Photo from the Vignuzzi Lab (twitter)


I had planned to write a piece about efficiency in getting our work done. Those ideas are still there but this week they seem trivial. Is that what is important to living a good life, how efficient you are?

The events of the last two weeks and including, those yesterday, have me feeling even more reflective than I usually am. This is in part because the events have been heartbreaking. But it is also because I spent the past week in a training that focused on thinking about how to really care about people when they have completely different points of view and needs that conflict with your desires. The training reinforced my hope in humanity and the power of of one. But then life outside of Happy Valley comes knocking on the door and it is hard to keep that faith. Still we have an opportunity to work to understand each other and respect each other despite our differences. Life is too precious to waste on animosity and negative emotions.


We have a long, long way to go. So let us hasten along the road, the road of human tenderness and generosity. ~Emily Greene Balche – WILPF


Go forward with kindness and be safe my friends,





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