Planning for the New Year

It is good that recycling is a positive thing because at the end of September I am always going to be talking about making New Year’s Resolutions and recycling my original late September post. October 1st is when I set my resolutions for the new year and decide what kind of shape I will be in on January 1. Usually I am talking about physical shape and I work to counteract the end of the year celebrations and effects of hibernation so that I feel the best I possibly can on New Year’s Day.

This year I am thinking that the next three months represent a quarter of the year and a quarter of everything that I hope to accomplish in 2016. I spent time this weekend penciling in time to accomplish some of my major goals. When you spell it out like that, there isn’t really that much time to get it all done. So this weekend was about prioritization and the realization that some things will just have to wait for next year.

So although it is early, I am wishing you a happy new year and suggesting that now is the time to do what you can to make it be just that.

Have an inspired week.


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