We Are Compassion

This week we banded together to support Diane Yoder (the PPEM Office Manager) and her family in the aftermath of the devastating fire that gutted their home Friday morning. Just IMG_4260as they have only begun to pull their lives back together, we have only begun to support them. Diane, Steve, their children, and their extended families are grateful for the support members of the department and college have been giving. When I think of the term WE ARE, it is our compassion for one another and our sense of community that I think of.

There will be plenty of opportunities to help in the coming weeks. The family will be moving into temporary housing and will be having their home rebuilt. We are still collecting clothing and household items for them. You can bring items to the conference room on Fridays or to my house (we are starting to store stuff in our garage). You might consider an anonymous cash donation which can be given to Christina Dorsey or you might give to the online campaign https://www.generosity.com/emergencies-fundraising/steve-and-diane-yoder-house-fire-fundraiser–2. In just two days we have raised ~$2000 mostly from donations of $25 and $50 online and more in cash. That is amazing. It is also impressive how many donations are coming from people in the college outside of our department.

IMG_4261Keep your eyes open for an opportunity to share more than a meal at our April potluck. Nancy and Judy are already scheming.

One thing that I truly appreciate about this department is that we come together to support each other. We are individuals with differences of opinion, but we work together for the good of the whole, while supporting each individual. Now more than ever the PPEM feels like family and like home. I am sure that Diane will appreciate that more than ever when she returns to work.

Thank you all for your compassion.



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