Aspirational Goals

Each year the faculty are asked to list their aspirational goals for the year. These are goals that make you stretch and work to accomplish something big, something at the margin of what you are capable of. I always hope the faculty have aspirational goals will big enough to hold all of the graduate school dreams that stirred them to the work they are currently doing. Occasionally, the faculty share some of the personal aspirational goals as well as their professional ones. From their ambitions, I can tell you that it is an inspiring group of faculty we have leading our department.

This week January will turn into February and 1/12th of the year will be gone. I am looking at my own aspirational goals to see whether I worked on them this month. Theoretically it would be good to have them a 1/12th of the way finished. I am always surprised at how quickly time runs through the hour glass and goals get sidelined by the always growing to-do-list. Before we know it, it will be April and a quarter of the year will be gone. So today, I find myself scheduling specific time on my calendar to work on the two big professional goals and one important personal goal I have for the year.

What are your aspirational goals this year? Setting truly aspirational goals can be hard. Generally speaking we plan activities or one off accomplishments. Rarely do we make ambitious goals that help us to further our personal missions. Are your goals this year worthy of your time? At the end of year if you accomplish or make good progress toward these goals, will you have lived a good life this year?

I hope that you all make time in February for the joyful fulfillment of your highest goals.


And then there are these wonderful daily goals…



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