Training for the Phage Hunters

Yesterday I was luckily enough to participate in the Gettysburg College – Penn State University “Phage Research Symposium” at Lake Raystown Resort. Our colleagues Dr. Nikki Shariat from Gettysburg College and Dr. Greg Broussard from PSU-BMB have been bringing their Phage Hunting classes together to share research results through student presentations and posters.

As part of the event Drs. Shariat, Broussard, and I provided professional development training. The slides from my presentation can be found here: How to ask for a letter of recommendation (Click on this hyperlink to download the slides). The information provided comes from a number of sources including the training that my colleagues from CSUMB and my students have shared with me. I appreciate their having given me permission to use this information.

DaNBXbQX4AAa_KP.jpg large
2018 #phagehunters





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