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The Fall 2016 Bull Penn

The Bull laboratory had its first lab meeting of the academic year on Sept. 14. Department image_leadimageHead Dr. Carolee Bull, postdoc Dr. Laura Ramos-Sepúlveda, Ph.D. student Christopher Ramage, and B.S. student Vsevolod Soltanov discussed technical details and theoretical implications of research on bacterial diseases of mushrooms, potatoes, lettuce, chard, beet, cucurbits, and manzanita. They discussed future research in the areas of biological control and seed pathology.



Laura working hard this evening on the etiology of bacterial leaf spot of kale. She found an new use for the omnispense today. Soon we are off to dinner. April 8, 2016.







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Drs. Irda Safni and Laura Ramos Sepulveda are
working to get the laboratory up and running. January 2016.