Bull Penn Lab Members

Spring 2018

The Bull Penn has transformed its self again. Our new lab manager Dr. Samuel Martins brings a wealth of biological control research experience to the team and is leading our 2017Sp27_CBull_Lab (2)projects on biological control. He has provided a stable working environment for the rest of the team and we are all glad that he joined the Bull Penn. The graduate students in the lab, Emma Rosenthal (PhD candidate) and Amanda Mainello (MS student) are dynamic individuals with interests in broader impacts and policy. Pictured here is one of our much appreciated undergraduate researchers, Kyle Bettwy. He has been working with Samuel on mushroom pathogen taxonomy and biological control. Not pictured is Hilary Snyder, who is working on all things rotten potatoes with Amanda. We are looking for a new member for our biological control projects.

December 2017

Just a quick update to show off our holiday party pictures. We had a great time with the

The Bull Penn Celebrating the Winter Holiday Spirit

Bull Penn members and their significant others at the Rusty Rail. We played darts, drank beer, and had a wonderful dinner. Samuel entertained us with his magic tricks and we all entertained each other with our wit.

This is a fine group of people to work with and I am just delighted to have the opportunity to spend time with each and everyone of them. I look forward to seeing where they go in their lives and hope that they will keep in touch as they move on to bigger and better things. We can only imagine where they will go! Still, now is the time to enjoy each others company and the good work we have together.



Summer 2017

We had a wonderful summer filled with wonderful visitors. May saw the arrival of Khumbuzile Bophela, a PhD candidate from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Khumbuzile came for several months and enjoyed both the work and the play. During the first part of her stay we were also visited by Dr. Lydia Tymon (a newly minted USDA-Postdoctoral Fellow) from Washington State University. We tried to show the two of them the best of bacterial taxonomy and the region.

The hard part of the summer was having to say goodbye to Dr. Laura Ramos-Sepulveda. Dr. Ramos-Sepulveda took a faculty position at Millersville University and is happy to be influencing the undergraduates she is teaching. We feel fortunate that she is still in the region.

The Fall 2016 Bull Penn

The Bull laboratory had its first lab meeting of the academic year on Sept. 14. Department image_leadimageHead Dr. Carolee Bull, postdoc Dr. Laura Ramos-Sepúlveda, Ph.D. student Christopher Ramage, and B.S. student Vsevolod Soltanov discussed technical details and theoretical implications of research on bacterial diseases of mushrooms, potatoes, lettuce, chard, beet, cucurbits, and manzanita. They discussed future research in the areas of biological control and seed pathology.



Laura working hard this evening on the etiology of bacterial leaf spot of kale. She found an new use for the omnispense today. Soon we are off to dinner. April 8, 2016.







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Drs. Irda Safni and Laura Ramos Sepulveda are
working to get the laboratory up and running. January 2016.