Mentoring Up and Down the Ladder of Success

Mentoring Up and Down the Ladder of Success is a tripartite curriculum that has been taught at universities and scientific society meetings nationally and internationally. The curriculum consists of 3 three-hour long interactive workshops using introspective work, breakout sessions and group discussions to build knowledge.

Mentorship Workshops

  • How to be Your Own Best Mentor – Each of us must take responsibility for our scholarship, careers, and life’s work. Although our mentors can teach us the skills we need to be a successful scientist in our discipline, each of us should lead the creation and growth of our career. In this workshop we will discuss how to define and then teach the knowledge and skills needed to be successful. Although this workshop is targeted at students, postdocs, and early career scientists, mature faculty have used this workshop to develop new directions for their efforts. This workshop is a prerequisite for the other two.
  • Mentoring up the Ladder – This three-hour interactive workshop asks the participants to examine how their performance and success furthers the success of their supervisor, department, and organization. The key to mentoring up is understanding how to ask one’s supervisor to provide what is needed to get critical jobs done efficiently and successfully. Supervisors are more likely to provide what is needwhen they are clear on how one’s success benefits them and the organization.
  • Mentoring a Diverse Workforce – Advisors know how to teach discipline specific skills but these skills are only part of what we need to develop and grow careers independently. Each of us has a different point of departure and goals for our lives and work. This workshop will teach how to incorporate differences and values into learning and development plans for advisees and also how to help them to become their own best mentor.


Stories about the workshops
February 2016 – PSU Huck Institute and Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology


PSU February 2016
UMN 2015