Own Best Mentor Resources

Be your own best mentor

Individual Development Plans:
-How to:
My IDP by AAAS Science
FASEB IDP explanation
Action Planning
-Value of:
IDPs Aren’t Just More Paperwork

-Undergraduate Student Level
Student self assessment These are categories for which I have been asked to evaluate potential graduate students. Are you demonstrating your skills in these areas to your mentors?
Student Intern Assessment This is the student assessment we use in my lab. It is always in flux and is based on assessments from a number of different programs but especially the UROC program at CSUMB with which I  work.

-Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Level
National Postdoctoral Association Core Competencies
NPA Core Competencies Checklist
Science Careers

-Mid and Senior Scientist Level
USDA Leadership Competencies
USDA ARS Scientist Evaluation Criteria
Faculty Bench Marks U Michighan
Coming soon: Benchmarking for tenure and to become a full professor

Mentoring Others

Mentoring resources 1

NMRC Mentoring Resources: Aligning Expectations – Mentor/Mentee agreements, compacts and contracts

Richard Tapia presents Mentoring Strategies and Tactics #1